False rumours of Timothy Mtambo owning fuel tankers hits social media

By Zakale Botomani

In an era of social media where one can just wake up and make up stories , it appears Civic Education and National Unity Minister Timothy Mtambo has found himself victim of false claims . Posts that have surfaced on Facebook and other social media forums suggest, the honourable Minister  has acquired  two fuel tankers worthy K290 million Kwacha after just being 4 months in office as Minister.

Our team of investigators have however established that the claims that further alleges that he has leased these Tankers to Gaffar Transport are malicious and unfounded. The minister himself has been quick to defend himself in what he describes as attempts by some people to tarnish his name and paint him as a corrupt leader “I know nothing about the Tankers . There are claims that these are my Tankers and that I have purchased them within the period that I have been a Minister.All these allegations are not true. I don’t own these Tankers. In fact, I have never seen these Tankers except today in these pictures. I have never made any transactions related to purchase or lease of Tankers” argued Mtambo

Recently Mtambo has been a victim  of propaganda  being thrown at him  from various circles . Since his remarkable fight to dislodge the DPP regime , he has become an enemy to those who were at the comfort of plundering Malawi through corruption during the DPP era. Recently , he was also in the news when his CFT movement endorsed an MCP candidate in Karonga, a situation that some are struggling to let go.

Citizen for Transformation movement (CFT)Communications Strategist Negracious Justin also clarified on the rumours  saying The first time Mtambo saw these alleged tankers is through pictures that were sent to him this morning alongside the claim that he has procured the same. ”

He has no knowledge of these tankers and does not own them. The propagandists are claiming that Hon. Mtambo has bought these tankers and has leased them with R Gaffar transportation.

We challenge all interested parties to cross-check with the said Gaffar transport and also with Customs offices to find out the truth that the CIC of our Movement, who is also one of the uncorrupt Ministers, has not purchased, does not own or has never leased these tankers”.