Forget the Achule controversy-Ibrahim Matola urges Malawians to avoid vandalising electric equipment

By Austin Chimeza

After a few days of being centre of controversy over his remarks which had been misinterpreted by a cross section of Malawians thinking that he was calling all malawians “Achule” Ibrahim Matola was back in town on Wednesday morning addressing the press in a session called Government meets the press

Minister of Energy, Ibrahim Matola, has called on Malawians to be patriotic and avoid vandalizing transformers and other ESCOM machinery.

Addressing the media in Lilongwe on Wednesday under the Government Faces the Press platform, Matola said vandalism is costly and affects the economy of the country.

He added that the country is still recovering from the 129 megawatts lost due to Cyclones that hit Malawi a few months ago.