Former Malawi President Mutharika Embraces Charity Work Amid Hunger Crisis

By Twink Jones Gadama

Former Malawian President Arthur Peter Mutharika, who also serves as a leader for the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), is making waves in the fight against hunger in the country. Mutharika has taken it upon himself to provide relief flour to households in Mangochi, a region severely affected by food insecurity. His actions come in the wake of a worsening hunger crisis in Malawi, exacerbated by the economic challenges and poor harvests.

Mutharika’s decision to intervene in the humanitarian crisis stems from his firm belief that no one should go hungry while he is alive. He has pledged to utilize whatever resources he has at his disposal to help alleviate the suffering of starving Malawians. In a country where basic necessities such as sugar, soap, and flour have become unaffordable for many, Mutharika’s intervention is a beacon of hope for the marginalized and vulnerable populations.


Under Mutharika’s leadership, Malawians experienced a period where essential goods were within reach for the majority of the population. However, the current administration under President Chakwera has come under scrutiny for failing to address the mounting hunger crisis and other social issues. Critics have accused President Chakwera of nepotism, citing his decision to appoint family members into diplomatic positions.

Recently, chakwera’s son, Reverend Nickie was delegated to Serbia where he met Serbia’s minister of Economy and the president has been heavily condemned for delegating his son who isn’t a government official.

In a recent interview, Senior Chief Makanjira of Mangochi lauded Mutharika for his continuous efforts to support those in need. Makanjira emphasized the former president’s unwavering dedication to helping the hungry and vulnerable in society. Last week, Mutharika donated flour to thousands of people in need, and today, he continues his mission to provide relief to hunger-stricken households in Mangochi.

Mutharika’s actions have reignited hope among Malawians who have been grappling with the harsh realities of food insecurity and economic instability. His hands-on approach to charity work sets him apart from other political leaders, demonstrating a genuine commitment to improving the lives of the less fortunate. As the country grapples with a deepening hunger crisis, Mutharika’s leadership in providing relief to those in need serves as a testament to his compassion and dedication to serving the people of Malawi.

Despite the challenges facing the country, Mutharika remains steadfast in his resolve to make a positive impact on the lives of Malawians. His selfless acts of generosity and support for the vulnerable populations reflect a leadership style rooted in empathy and compassion. As the nation looks towards a brighter future, Mutharika’s efforts in addressing the immediate needs of the hungry offer a glimmer of hope for a country in need of assistance and support.

Former President Arthur Peter Mutharika’s commitment to addressing the hunger crisis in Malawi through his charitable initiatives underscores the importance of compassionate leadership in times of crisis. His unwavering dedication to supporting those in need serves as a beacon of hope for the country, inspiring others to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate. Mutharika’s efforts remind us all of the power of kindness and generosity in making a meaningful difference in the lives of others, especially during times of great need.