Frank Mwenifumbo wants Nthakomwa to drop out- Arranges youths to heckle her

By Saulos Kanyama

It seems Mwenifumbo’s association with Political Violence is becoming a common occurrence. It has been established that whenever Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo is contesting in an election,  intimidation , physical confrontation are the order of the day . It is no wonder Karonga central is now known as “Benghazi” a moniker for being a centre of political violence.

UTM Party supporters who came to give morale to their candidate Frank Mwenifumbo on Wednesday evening spoiled the first live political debate the National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Public Trust organised for the five Parliamentary candidates contesting for the Karonga Central Constituency on November 10 by-election when they showered insults at the independent Candidate Florence Shackie Nthakomwa.

Mwenifumbo Campaigning

It is reported that the UTM youths , who are alleged to have been given money my Mwenifumbo started harrassing Nthakomwa when she was boarding her vehicle at Tuntufye FM radio campus in the presence of the party’s regional governor for the North Dr. Moses Mlenga and regional director of women Bridget Nkhoma.

Nthakomwa who  was UTM candidate at last years general election confirmed this and has a strong word for those perpetrating political violence in the area.  “This is  embarrassing, disgusting and deplorable taking into consideration that incident took place before senior party officials who failed to control the situation”.Nthakomwa has since threatened to report the disgraceful behaviour to relevant authorities for action.

She said: “During the campaign the UTM Party has been trailing my campaign team everywhere I go. On top of that, they have been castigating me during their campaign rallies. And today they pinned it down when they undressed me right after the debate by calling me a prostitute “

A team of our investigators have since established that the attack was a calculated move  by Mweneifumbo who is bitter that Nthakomwa is contesting as an independent. Mwenifumbo feels Nthakomwa will divide UTM votes as the people in the area have sympathy for her in the manner the party ditched her for Mwenifumbo.

It has been established that Mwenifumbo  promised money to the UTM youths so that they embarrass Nthakomwa. It is an attempt to frustrate her and hit her confidence so that she can drop off of the race