Government calls for peace during election case ruling

As the day of election case ruling slowly approaches, the government has taken effort in calling all Malawians to maintain peace, unity and tolerance during this time.

In a press release signed by Information Minister Mark Botomani ,The Government of Malawi would like to assure Malawians and all people living in Malawi that peace and rule of law remain priorities as the country wait for the ruling of the Constitutional Court in the 2019 Presidential Election case.

the statement went on to read “It is the belief of Government that all parties involved in the case shall exercise statesmanship to let the Constitutional Court work professionally based on evidence, facts and law. Government has already shown its commitment to peace during the entire Presidential Election case hearing.

As one way of demonstrating a gesture of peace, His Excellency the President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika has met leaders of the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) and has reiterated his willingness to meet all parties involved in the Presidential Election Case despite their lack of interest to do so.

Mark Botomani

Government would like to applaud the Judiciary in general, and the Constitutional Court Judges in particular, for declaring, through Lead Judge Justice Healey Potani, that the judges’ verdict will not in any way be influenced by public opinion. This is reassuring to all peace-loving Malawians who cherish the Rule of Law and the independence of the Judiciary.

This is why as Government we are perturbed with and condemn in the strongest terms sentiments by a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) official at a rally at Mponela in Dowa on Saturday, 14 December, 2019. The official spoke to intimidate judges who are hearing the Presidential Election case to determine the case in a particular way. We would like to urge the public to desist from interfering with the court process and being seen to influence the outcome of the Presidential Election case. All Malawians must be mindful of the fact that the Presidential Election case is also sub-judice.

Government would also like to assure all Malawians and all people living in Malawi that all security agencies will be on high alert during this period, including after judgement, to ensure that peace and calm continue to prevail in the country.

Let us embrace principles of peaceful coexistence and remain tolerant of each other despite differences in our opinion and political beliefs. Let us all respect the Rule of Law and accept the ruling of the Constitutional Court, whatever the outcome. Let us all remain united and continue making Malawi the Warm Heart of Africa.