Govt announces 2023 farm-gate prices, maize selling at K500/kg

By Chisomo Phiri

The government through the ministry of Agriculture has on Thursday announced farm-gate prices for the 2023 season with minimum price for Malawi’s staple commodity, maize, set at K500 per kilogram up from K220 per Kilogram in 2022.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Dixie Kampani confirmed the development to the local media.

He said the new staple food price means that a 50 Kilogram bag will be now sold at 25,000 kwacha.

Kampani said Soya beans price has been set at K800 per Kilogram, unpolished rice at K500 per Kilogram while polished rice at K1,000 per kilo while pure beans is now at K700 per kilogram.

He continued to say that the prices are with immediate effect and that people intending to be buying farm gate are urged to obtain buying licences from district councils and complete application forms.

“The prices are with immediate effect. All agro-dealers, agro- processors and others who deal with commodities are requested to buy the stated crop commodities at prices not less than those stipulated above.

“The applicants applying for buying licences will be required to complete application forms indicating location of their warehouses and serial numbers of scales they will use for buying the produce. All scales must be assized and certified by Malawi Bureau of Standards,” he said.