Human rights activist Ben Longwe says Malawi Kwacha secretly drops by another 13 percent

By Vincent Gunde

Just only two weeks after the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) announced a 44 percent devaluation of the Malawi Kwacha,human rights activist based in South Africa Charles Ben Longwe, says the Kwacha has again secretly lost its value by 13 percent.

In an interview with 247 Malawi News, Longwe said the Malawi Kwacha has been devalued by 57 percent within a period of 3 weeks describing this as time out for President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera to change things in Malawi but continuing destroying Malawi.

Charles Ben Longwe

He said after the announcement of the 44 percent devaluation, the exchange rate for one US Dollar was being bought at K1,700 and starting from the November 2, 2023 the exchange rate has moved to k1,900.

Longwe said it is not a surprise that some other groups of civil servants have pegged the devaluation to be at 100 percent a development which is worrisome and a regret to have voted for a wrong government.

He said in one or two weeks to come, the Malawi Kwacha will again lose its value to one American Dollar meaning that Malawians must bless themselves for tougher times advising the citizens not expect the Kwacha to regain its value anytime soon.

He said he do not find it proper for Malawi First going to the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) for funding when they know pretty well that President Chakwera has failed to govern Malawians in the interest of all and that that his servant leadership has been proved to be zero.

The Activist said Chakwera is not worthy to be the President of Malawi arguing that he does not know what to do in Government saying the only solution for him is to resign honourably or to be forced to resign to pave way for others to lead the country.

He said with the promised funding for Chakwera to change things and not resigning, there will be propagandas against him, assuring Malawians that time is out for President Chakwera to fix the country’s economy.

“The way how Malawi has reached, there is no way Chakwera can change things, he has failed in his three-year rule as President of Malawi,” said Longwe.

Ben Longwe said Malawi has no Public Affairs Committee (PAC) claiming that Malawians who are patriotic to their country will mobilize each other to close PAC offices located at the City Centre in Lilongwe for the men of God to join frontline politics.