I am former President not ‘retired’-Joyce Banda calls for peaceful Campaign

By Chalo Mvula

The former Malawi President  Dr Joyce Banda who is also the leader of Peoples Party has today called on all political parties to strive for a peaceful campaign period. She was speaking in Mzuzu at a rally where her party and coalition partners of Tonse Alliance held their first mega rally.

Banda said it was very worrying to see the spate of violence that has so far happened in Malawi. She accused the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of masterminding a reign of terror that is threatening peace in this country. Dr Banda reminded DPP that during her time in the party when she was a running mate to  former president late Bingu Wa Munthalika, the party never used to plan to kill people, set fire to properties or having its youth brandishing  guns just to intimidate people.

Dr Joyce Banda

Dr Joyce Banda said she was deeply saddened with what happened in Lilongwe where Seven members of the Tambala family—two parents and five children were severely burnt when the building they were staying in, which also happens to be a UTM party office in Area 22, was burned down by unknown assailants while they were inside.

She described how shocked she was and thanked Dr Chakwera and Chilima for attending the funeral of the victims

The former leader then called on her fellow former Leader, Bakili Muluzi to make sure that they preach peace and not promote political violence.

Dr Banda also reminded the crowd that in as much as she is the former president, she still has the energy. “I will never stand for the position of president again, however address me as former president not retired president ,I am not retired yet, I still have energy as i am only 72 years old  said Banda Dr Banda urged the people to vote for the alliance candidates with its torch bearer Dr Lazarus Chakwera