Jiya unveils another K130Million bridge project

By Linda Kwanjana

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City Center constituency, Alfred Jiya, on Thursday unveiled a K130 Million construction of bridge development project near Senti at a function which took place at Dzuka Girls Secondary School.

Jiya said , according to a CDF guidelines, Members of parliament are supposed to meet the community and find out the challenges that they are going through.

“Now as one key step, the first one for that matter, I had to consult the people themselves. The key is to find out about the challenges that we meet and as the process is to begin very shortly about procurement. This is one of the right time that we need to contact the people and find out more about what they have been going through, ” he said.

Hon Alfred Jiya

Jiya said was impressed with the launch of the project saying for long time people on that area have been struggling to cross the river which joins Nankhaka.

During the function, block leader, Bickson Chunga commended Jiya for the the project.

“This project is going to save a lot of people, especially with the construction of the bridge. We have had cases whereby people were involved in accident they were almost washed away by water. The challenges we have been facing is that during the rainy season, people were not able to cross going the other side of direction. Most of it, school children were not able to go to school otherwise this is a very serious problem. Coming up with this project is more of a relief to us. And that will be almost the end of the problems that we have been going through the past two years, ” he said.