Jomo Osman gives credit to Chakwera for Urban Socila Cash Transfer programme

By Sarah Gwetsani

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Bangwe-Mthandizi ward councilor Isaac Jomo Osman, has thanked President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera and Minister of Local Government Richard Chimwendo Banda for fulfilling the promise on Urban Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP).

Jomo Osman said beside him being in the opposition party, giving credit to Chakwera does not mean that he has joined the MCP advising Malawians to give credit when it is due and not always against the good things.

Jomo Osman, impressed with President Chakwera initiative

He said people of Blantyre are very happy to see the promise being fulfilled wishing this to continue for the years to come so that people are relieved from the pain and suffering the country is sailing through observing that two days ago, they were receiving free bags of maize.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Jomo Osman said business people are happy that the K150,000 they have received will help boost their businesses and some will have capital to start income generating activities to help themselves and their families.

“This should not be the end, if there is more from government, provide it to us, people do not eat politics but food,” he said.

He appealed to the World Bank through President Chakwera to continue providing money to the vulnerable families in Malawi saying the money might look small to those who have money but to the poor, this is blessings in disguise.

While people in Blantyre are singing songs of praising Urban Social Cash Transfer Programme, the situation will not be the same with Lilongwe City Central Constituency which is the tip of an iceberg that most beneficiaries are party supporters and some have made their way in out of alleging corrupting Civil Protection Committees (CPC) with K5,000 per every name registered.

A newly demarcated constituency, Lilongwe City Nankhaka, has seen the same beneficiaries benefiting from Covid-19 pandemic cushion money, Affordable Input Programme (AIP), free bags of maize and today, they are with the Urban Social Cash Transfer Programme where K150,000 will be deposited via their mobile phones.

Councilor for Maria Ward in the area Patrick Makumba who also chair Lilongwe City Council’s Development Committee said 3,568 beneficiaries will receive K150,000 through their mobile phones assuring people that these people are only from the hotspots.

“People of Dubai, Area 49, Shire, Gulliver, Areas 18A and B are not in the Urban Social Transfer Programme besides them benefiting from Affordable Input Programme (AIP) and free maize which government through DoDMA is distributing across the country,” said Makumba.

Mrs. Alice Sumani , a resident of Bagdad said many stories will be written with Urban Social Cash Transfer Programme in Lilongwe City claiming that registration of beneficiaries was done in secret and most of them are landlords not tenants citing in Area 50-Lilongwe.