Judiciary, health and prison service deserves Covid-19 risk

Written by Kondanani Chilimunthaka

People go to courts to seek justice, people are in prisons after having their cases heard and judgement passed by the judiciary. Those waiting for trials are kept either in police cells or prison on remand, yes this is how the process goes like in most cases. When we are sick we rush to health facilities for help. In all these we find contacts of one kind or the other.

Should the police, prisons, courts and our health facilities be shut down amidst the at hand Covid-19 pandemic? I hope many will say No!! But should they keep risking their lives for nothing just in service? I believe many different answers will follow this question, but the first thing is to put yourself in their shoes and feel it.

Health Minister Kandodo Chiponda

It is against this back ground of their Noble, humble and dedication to this nation that we think the government must carefully look into these places and provide them with good risk allowances just in trying to thank them for taking risk in this tough and trying moment.

Indeed its our hope here that the government has already done this, for we look at it as a matter of agency, if not we remind the government that these allowances were due even before a week ago. Failing to do so in our view is failing to appreciate what these departments are doing and indeed demeaning their efforts to serve the nation with passion.