Kalindo vows not to leave activism for politics

By Vincent Gunde

Renowned lolitical activist Bon Kalindo, has assured Malawians that he will not leave activism and join politics following his fellow activists who have joined politics saying he has made up his mind to be arrested and killed for Malawians.

The activist says the same assurance was made before his family members who called him to stop activism after government arrest him for several times for leading mass demonstrations against the fall of President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and his Malawi Congress Party-led government.


He says his family members have bowed down to his wishes that he is now not for them but Malawians saying whatever pain and sufferings he is sailing through are for the benefit of the poor whose cries are not heard by the government.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Kalindo says he will continue siding with the poor in Malawi in voicing out their concerns until such a time that government listens to them and walk the talk as per its promises made during campaign trails.

Kalindo says he feels so sad and cries to himself to see City Council officials of Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Zomba chasing vendors and confiscating their mandasi and bananas in basins wondering as to why these officials have no human face.

He says these council officials must first think for themselves before setting out on a campaign of confiscating goods from street vendors claiming that some of them are in offices today after being sponsored by money gained from street vending.

The activist said very sadly, he saw a woman in Lilongwe carrying her baby on her back falling down while running away from City Council officials saying the officials grabbed and pounced her before arresting her in full view of on-lookers.

He says an on-looker after seeing the officers pouncing on the woman, he questioned the officers why doing that, immediately, he was whisked away into a land cruiser vehicle, arrested for the offence of feeling pity at the woman.

“Minister of Local Government Richard Chimwendo Banda, why abusing these street vendors as if you will not need them tomorrow to vote for your party?” questions Kalindo in an audio clip.

He observes that these women carrying bananas and mandasi in basins have no capital for their businesses and that they depend on that for their everyday life needs and some are even paying rent for the same basin pleading with Chimwendo Banda to wear a human face.

He has however, warned Chimwendo Banda that the same policies government is formulating to abuse street vendors will turn against them as the citizens will say a big “no” to President Chakwera and his MCP led government to bounce back into government in 2025.