Kamlepo cries foul over alleged voter registration fraud in Rumphi

By Twink Jones Gadama

In a shocking turn of events, Parliamentarian for Rumphi East, Kamlepo Kaluwa, has accused the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) of voter registration fraud.

According to Kaluwa, registration has started in Rumphi East but he is doubtful if the process is really taking place as it should be.

Kaluwa alleges that the MCP has strategically planned to make only a few people get registered with the aim of rigging the votes in the upcoming elections.

He claims to have evidence that MCP is intentionally limiting the number of registrants in Rumphi and Karonga, two regions that are not strong supporters of the party.

Rumphi has a large population, and Kaluwa believes that the low registration numbers in the region are a deliberate move by MCP to ensure that they have an advantage in the elections.

He also accuses the party of planning to have Mozambicans registered in Ntcheu to vote for MCP, a move that he strongly condemns.

“We won’t allow MCP to rig the votes in next year’s elections,” Kaluwa declares.

He adds:”We won’t accept them to bar people from registration, especially on the basis of not having a national ID.”

Kamlepo Kalua

Kaluwa goes on to warn that there will be no peace in Malawi if it is proven that MCP has rigged the elections.

He accuses the party of putting mechanisms in place to prevent other political parties from campaigning in the central region, making it a no-go zone for them.

He vows to take his campaign to the north, south, and east regions, where he believes he will be able to reach the people unhindered.

As a seasoned politician who fought against the real MCP under Kamuzu Banda’s regime, Kaluwa asserts that he is not afraid to take on the current MCP.

He points out the irony of the party dragging the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to court on allegations of vote rigging while they themselves are now being accused of the same.

Kaluwa’s threats and accusations have sparked tensions in the political landscape of Malawi, with many wondering what will happen next.

Will MCP be able to defend itself against these serious allegations?

And will Kaluwa be able to prove his claims and ensure a fair election process for all?

As the country braces itself for the upcoming elections, one thing is certain – the battle for power in Malawi is far from over, and the political show promised by Kaluwa is sure to be one filled with drama and intrigue.