Kanyama Chiume’s First wife has passed away in USA

Death has been announced of Edas Ngoza Nambeye who was the late Kanyama Chiume wife . She passed away on Friday in USA at the age of 85 after a long illness. Kanyama Chiume, was a leading nationalist in the struggle for Malawi’s independence in the 1950s and 1960s. He was also one of the leaders of the Nyasaland African Congress and served as the Minister of Education and the Minister for Foreign Affairs in the 1960s before fleeing the country after the 1964 Cabinet Crisis.

On the photo are the late Edas Nambeye, The late Kanyama Chiume and their two kids.

The late Mama Edas was Kanyama’s first wife and mother of his first two children, Michael Kwacha and the late, Jessie Mgeni Wayasa Chiume.

She was born in Tabora, Tanganyika in 1935. She later attended Tabora Girls Secondary School, before marrying Kanyama in the mid 1950s while he was a teacher in Tanganyika. They later relocated to Nyasaland and she was by his side during the struggle for independence of Nyasaland. After the Cabinet Crisis of 1964, she fled with her husband and their two young children through the Chitipa border for life in exile.

She is survived by his son, Kwacha, her daughter-in-law Susan, two grandchildren and several other relatives. On the photo is herself, Kanyama Chiume and their two children.

Details of her funeral are yet to be announced