Karonga activist urges people of Nthalire to remove Welani Chilenga as MP

By Vincent Gunde

Karonga based rights activist Lyton Mangochi, has urged people of Chitipa South-Ntalire that time is now to identify one amongst the youth of the area to take over the constituency from Welani Chilenga for working hard to bring war in Malawi.

Mangochi has accused Chilenga of failing to bring tangible development projects in his Chitipa South constituency one of it being Kasikizi road which is a shortcut road to Nthalire his home but is busy bringing in useless bills in the National Assembly.

Welani Chilenga, activist wants him removed as MP

He said Chitipa South Constituency had previous Members of Parliament who are being remembered today such as Rodwell Munyenyembe and Chipimpha Mughogho but at no time they had disappointed their constituents than what Chilenga has done.

Speaking through a video clip standing on the Kasikizi road, Mangochi said age limit bill was targeting at one individual person Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika saying for the first time in the history of Chitipa, their MP was to table a useless bill.

Mangochi recalled that in 2023 it was the same Chilenga who introduced a bill in the National Assembly that they should be put on pension scheme to be the same like civil servants retiring at 60 years of age wondering what is wrong with Chilenga for twice bringing in a useless bill in Parliament.

He has proposed that MPs must be given a limit of 10 years to initiate development projects in their constituencies claiming that some politicians like Chilenga have taken the position of being a Member of Parliament as kingship.

The activist said Chilenga has provoked Malawians who already are feeling pain and suffering for electing a government that has no welfare of the citizens at heart by bringing into Parliament age limit bill.

” People of Chitipa South have suffered for long, time is now to prepare for exit strategy for Welani Chilenga for the constituency to see change of MP,” said Mangochi.

The age limit bill received nationwide condemnation as it is targeting an individual describing this as very dangerous to the hard-won democracy and democratic principles of Malawi and it was not surprising to see that on Thursday while everyone was waiting for the tabling of the bill, the bill was not appearing on the order of paper.