Karonga based activist Lyton Mangodzi pleads with the diaspora to return home

By Vincent Gunde

Karonga district based human rights activist Lyton Mangochi, has appealed to Malawians living outside the country to come back home and fight together with their fellow Malawians in the battle to liberate their country from the hands of the MCP led government.

Mangochi said MCP senior Ministers are busy addressing rallies using their slogan “Kwacha” saying to them there is light while Malawians are living and walking in darkness encouraging all not to lose hope that they should not vote in 2025.

He said the diaspora community must join Malawians that are on the ground feeling pain and suffering assuring patriotic Malawians that the MCP led government under President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has already been escorted to the grave and will never resurrect from the dead forever.


Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Mangochi said he is aware that many Malawians regardless of their political party affiliations are regretting to have voted President Chakwera into government.

He said it was the wish of each and every Malawian to see change which President Chakwera and his MCP led government promised but the change is not there claiming that Malawians are suffering more than before.

The activist has encouraged Malawians that 2025 will be a year of blessings, the MCP which is seen boasting of being in government bringing untold miseries, pain and sufferings to millions of Malawians, will never be seen claiming that God will punish them.

He said this is 2024 and the country is remaining with a few months to go to the General Elections encouraging Malawians to register in their large number to vote out the MCP and its leader President Chakwera without mercy.

“We will walk and live with hunger in all the households, school fees and transportation challenges, this should not bar us from voting in 2025, let’s join hands to remove the MCP for it not come back forever,” said Mangochi.

He warned senior MCP members that some have started changing ownerships of property and account numbers for stolen taxpayer’s money, assuring them that Malawians are not sleeping and are watching and they will not leave them scot-free.

Mangochi has also warned individuals who will be shouldering responsibilities of using their account numbers to harbor stolen money by Ministers, that Malawians will make sure that they face imprisonment in 2025 as a lesson to the would-be offenders.