Kazombo calls for diaspora representation in Parliament, Urges African govts to create more opportunities for the youth

By Wadza Botomani

Malawi’s Deputy Speaker of parliament Madalitso Kazombo has called on African governments to work on creating more opportunities for the youths , and opening up new ways to engage more with those in diaspora that includes creation of Diaspora constituencies. He was speaking at a radio interview he held with activist and broadcaster Allan Mandindi that aired on Manchester based Radio Africana

Kazombo said it that it is unfortunate that Africa as a continent still lags behind in development and most of its inhabitants  are still living below poverty level  despite being a continent full of  mineral resources . He said, himself as a young politician, it is his wish to see more African government creating environments and opportunities for the youths to flourish. “ The youths have the energy , they have the talent , the challenge with African youths now is that even if they are educated , opportunities are not being given to them unless  they are connected  to somebody either politically or in one way or another . We also have companies, not opening up job opportunities claiming they want someone with years of experience while the youths are not even being given opportunity to gain that experience “ said Kazombo

The Deputy Speaker also touched on the issue of Africans living in diaspora and how best  they can be included in the  policy making  for their respective countries . He said , he  was an admirer of the hardworking spirit of those living in diaspora  and is very much aware of the economic benefits that the diaspora provides through remittances and  even investments back home .Kazombo said time has come when African governments need to treat Diaspora as constituency  “ What I mean is that we need to have a diaspora representative in our parliaments, someone who can be speaking on behalf of the diaspora  and having opportunity to debate issues as well as participate in all parliamentary deliberations just like any member of parliament would do” Kazombo went on to say , the world has become one global village and the diaspora cannot be ignored anymore.

On how best Africa can work towards its development – Kazombo said time has come when Africa need to up its game so that it can compete  on the level of  other continents trade wise . He said they are some basic issues that  need to be quickly rectified  such as  lack of proper infrastructures such as roads ,  persistent energy  problems , lack of good communication facilities , things which he described as catalysts  in driving  economy forward . Kazombo also said its time for Africa to  stop wasting time in unnecessary wars  that has helped nothing but  deter us from focusing on development . He said that it is unfortunate that the youths are always the victims as they are the ones often being used in all these wars.