Lawmaker urges people to take care of developmental projects

By Dean Chisambo

Member of Parliament for Ntcheu Bwanje Constituency Alex Mwisho Chilikumtima has urged the people of his Constituency to take a good care of developmental projects which has been built under the Constituency Development Fund(CDF).

Speaking in an interview with 247 Chilikumtima said his vision to develop the Constituency is going on in a right track hence several development has been conducted in the Constituency through the raising of CDF which is helping to accelerate development in this country.

He said” the people of my Constituency must take a big role to safeguard and care for the development that has been conducted in several villages in the Traditional Authority Ganya, Makwangwala and Sub Traditional Authority Mkutumula.

Chilikumtima: people must take a big role to safeguard infrastructure development

The lawmaker further commended the government for coming up with a brilliant initiative of raising the CDF from K40 million to K100 million in the 2022 to 2023 national budget.

He said through the CDF they have managed to drill fourteen bolehores in several villages, constructing a bridge at Changa Bulaki village, health center at Tambala village.

He added that seventy less privileged students they are on bursaries at Bilila community day second school, twenty five students are at Ntcheu secondary school, sixty students are at Chikande secondary school, thirty students they are at Nachitheme community day secondary school, one and two students are at St Mary’s Secondary school and Likuni boys Secondary school respectively.

Government raised the CDF from K40 million to K100 million through the 2022-2023 national budget in the aim of scaling up development projects in all 193 Constituencies in this country.