Lilongwe City Council, MDF holds a solidarity march

By Wilfred Golden

In a quest to strengthen the working relationship, Malawi Defense Force (MDF) in conjunction with Lilongwe city council held a freedom march in Lilongwe.

Speaking during the event the mayor of the city Richard Banda, says this was organized as one way of addressing security lapses in the city as they are coordinating with MDF to protect citizens in the city.

“This march will help to bring sanity in the city as you know that in most of our cities we have got challenges pertaining to security even as well as sanitation, so with us coordinating with MDF we are very sure that things will be improved in our city.

“In this case we have given the military a way to do while they are working in the city, they also have a freedom on how they can make some enforcement pertaining to other areas which needs security in our city, we also edge them to take control of unnecessary vandalism as well as congestions in the city as some of them are well trained traffic police designated to do that work,” Banda highlighted.

On his part Second Lieutenant Mphatso Gudu, said, as a security agency they are optimistic that such efforts will help to complement government efforts achieving development targets.

“From this march we wanted to showcase the force which the mayor has while working with us, and the other thing we wanted to achieve was the issue of working relationship between us and the general public as we discovered tha there is a huge gap, and we hope with the assistance from the mayor we are going to achieve that,” he said.

City freedom march was conducted some years back in the Kamuzu era and it has been almost 20 years since it was abandoned.

The march started at town hall via crossroads hotel then gateway mall up to civic offices in the city of Lilongwe.