Linda Stresses Integration Of Sports With Education

By Burnett Munthali

Linda Ward Foundation has stressed the need for integration of sports with education if children are to develop to their full potential and be able to live health lives.

Founder of the Foundation Linda Ward made the remarks Saturday during a sports day which saw learners from ST Rosario, ST Hilary and Kamteteka primary schools compete in cross country running.

Linda Ward

Ward’s organization is spearheading development activities around Kamteteka where it has refurbished Kamteteka health post, built four houses at the facility among others.

She said the Foundation believes in improving sports at the grassroot level as one way of moulding new talent that can make it at the national level.

Primary Education Advisor for the educational Zone Bolex Shumba said sporting activities help in ensuring that children are coming to school and improves their class performance.

From childhood, we have been taught to engage in some form of physical activity, whether it be playing with our friends, running around, or joining a sports team. Both sports and education have a significant role in our lives, but beyond just the fun and games, sports and games have an important role to play in education. They teach students life skills like teamwork, leadership, accountability, and patience. They also help to build confidence, improve self-esteem, teach social skills, and provide a sense of belongingness.

Sports and games are a great way to keep children active and healthy without the need for them to miss out on their academic studies. Moreover, physical activity has been medically proven to increase cognitive and memory functions, which can help children perform better in school.

e a distraction from academics is undergoing a radical transformation. Solidifying the idea of an athletic subculture, the mid-1990s witnessed the emergence of a notable research initiative in California. Known as the “Promoting Achievement in School Through Sports” programme (PASS), it strategically integrated sports into the educational framework with the aim of elevating the standard of academic accomplishment. It came up with compelling data that confirmed the affirmative impact of school-based sports participation on the enhancement of scholastic performance, as reflected in grades.

Athletic training and academic study are interrelated. Both are two sides of one coin. Sports in education are an integral part of the curriculum. It helps to shape a person’s personality and contributes to their holistic development. In some ways, this subject is a demonstration of all the disciplines that one has learned in school. Every sport has its foundations in math and physics.

Although many subjects are taught in the classroom, sports and physical education offer students an opportunity to be outside and exercise, as well as learning a wide range of skills.