Lipipa gives a short and superb analysis on the economy

By Chisomo Phiri

The Vibrant Blantyre City South Constituency DPP Member of Parliament ( MP) Noel Lipa is one of such wise politicians who give superb narrations and analyses that carry power to transform Malawi into a better nation in Africa.

This time around, Lipipa has delivered another superb short analysis on malawi’s economy which if taken into practical consideration, it will see malawi’s economy recover from all the downs.

Hon Noel Lipipa

In his short analysis shared on his facebook wall, Lipipa says for the longest time, Malawi has been trying to economically reform, including restructuring of the public sector. He says the said process may never be on course until leaders realize the problem, not being the disease but the patient, unless they seriously deal with the civic morals and the target citizenry being 0-20 years saying if not then the implementation will remain only a pipeline dream.

He says ” My desire is that, we should focus on a bottom up to national patriotism campaign as a fundamental principle. Once that is achieved, the much needed transformation shall be guaranteed. Of course we all know that the said process is aimed at improving our overall publi financial governance while ensuring utilization of available resources in the most effective and efficient way to enable us achieve economic growth besides reducing our poverty levels” .

In the national assembly, Lipipa is the chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on government assurance and public sector reforms.