MACRA satisfied with the implementation of new FM frequencies

By Dean Chisambo

The Malawi
Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA),has expressed satisfaction over the implementation of new FM frequencies across the country.

The sentiments were made in Lilongwe during a media briefing on the overview of the initiative as all the radio stations across the country have successfully switched to the new frequencies.

In an interview with journalists, Director General for MACRA,Daudi Suleman described the initiative as a great milestone to the regulator in regard to the granting of the new licences to over 150 new broadcasters.


“This will assist in having a scalable network and Malawians will have a choice on where to access news and entertainment on radio, as there will be significant growth of the sector and there will be job creation,” said Suleman.

Suleman further disclosed that the initiative was collaborative between MACRA and radio stations to narrow the gaps that were identified in the process.

He also disclosed that MACRA has embarked on two key regulatory systems to be implemented such as revenue assurance system which will help the regulator to be in account for the revenue being made in the sector in billing correctly to the operators and the central equipment identification registry which will help the regulator in fortify the space around mobile devices in the country as it will combat mobile fraud but also,block any stolen and fake device to operate in the country.

According to Suleman,the initiative initially started in December 2022 and it has come into effect in January this year.