Malawi needs vibrant partnership in order to unlock and stimulate investment opportunities

By Linda Kwanjana

For the past decades, little has been done to sell Malawi as a country full of business opportunities.

Business opportunities spring and increase investment base in the country through proper partnership.

If one goes to Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, United Kingdom and USA little is known about Malawi.

That is why there is need for greater efforts to sell Malawi in order to increase investment opportunities.

One of the strategies is that of identifying brand trade ambassadors from these countries.

Decision to have people like Trade Ambassador Yonus Gamal who help the country to facilitate trade and tourism is the way to go.

Malawi needs many people Ambassador Yonus Gamal who are well known business tycoon and working on pro bono basis, trade pundits themselves who know what they are doing in these fields easily bring investment opportunities in a big way to a country such as Malawi.

Fake news and detractors will always be there but the truth of the matter is that lets face the reality we need trade, we need productivity to increase exports.

The reason why Malawi is poor today is over reliance on imports rather than exports.

The good news is that people already know Malawi as one of the peaceful countries in Africa but as the country we need more business and trade ambassadors to turn around the economy.