Malawian witchdoctor who among other things change stolen phones into snakes becomes popular in Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter

A 22-year-old Malawian witchdoctor Julius Bwanali who claims he has powers to change stolen phones into snakes has become popular in Zimbabwe for his acts.

Bwanali is currently making headlines in some of the top Zimbabwean media outlets including H-Metro.

According to H-Metro, Bwanali one day stormed a Harare residential area called Mabvuku where he displayed his tools of trade that were wrapped in some beads and bottles.

“The display attracted scores of people who were seeking his services. He charged, at least a dollar, depending on services sought.
“Victims of theft and robberies dominated those who were seeking his services,” H-Metro writes on its website

Further, Bwanali claimed that he has a ‘spiritual aeroplane’ to fly his clients to neighbouring countries.

“I have a number of traditional charms that can bring lost lovers back, help one to be promoted, acquire jobs, and win court cases if you did not commit the alleged offence, among other things, ” he said.