Mangochi MP claims council contract awarded  to incompetent contractor on Bridge project

By Burnett Munthali

Member of Parliament for Mangochi Central Victoria Kingston has accused Mangochi district council of awarding a contract to what she describes as an incompetent contractor on the GESD-funded Koche Bridge project.

Kingston alleges that this has contributed to the substandard works which has left the 68 million kwacha worth project in a dilapidated state before completion with only 18 million kwacha remaining for the project.

Victoria Kingston

She was speaking on Tuesday in Mangochi when Centre for Social Accountability and Transparency (CSAT) was presenting its findings to the district council officials, MPs, traditional leaders and Area Development Committee members on the implementation of projects.

While acknowledging the concern, District Director of Planning and Development Newton Munthali said the council has terminated the contract; adding  they are yet to identify another contractor to finish the project as they are waiting for approval from the World Bank.

Meanwhile, CSAT’s Engagement Officer Moffat Phiri has advised district councils in the country to seriously scrutinize contractors before awarding them contracts.

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