Mdooko says the education curricula review process invaluable in realizing Malawi’s 2063 vision

By Chisomo Phiri

The Deputy Minister of Education, Nancy Chaola Mdooko has described the education curriculum review process as invaluable in realizing 2063 vision as it provides Malawian citizens an opportunity to actively shape curricula that takes on board the citizens’ needs.

Mdooko made these remarks at Mulunguzi Secondary School hall in Zomba on Saturday January 20,2024, during the curriculum review consultative meeting.

Nancy Chaola Mdooko

The Deputy Minister said the curriculum needs regular review so that its content and goals align with the nation’s development objectives,such as economic independence and technological progression among others.

Said Mdooko:”The consultative meetings were meant to seek views from Malawians from all walks of life to ensure that the curriculum is balanced, realistic, and relevant to the needs and aspirations of Malawians through stakeholders’ consultations.”

She disclosed that currently,the ministry is implementing Enabler number 5,Human Capital Development envisioned and espoused in the 2063 agenda, hence the decision to engage all the stakeholders in coming up with a curriculum that responds to the current standards of education in Malawi.

“I am glad that people were very free to express their minds, this is commendable, I can assure you that we will consider your contributions,” she added.

Through Malawi Institute of Education (MIE), the Ministry is reviewing the curriculum and once done, it will replace the current curriculum by 2025.

The last curriculum review was implemented way back in 2007.

The national wide curricula review consultative process was framed to run from January 16 to January 20, 2024.