MHEN’s ‘Reaching Every Child’ project starts bearing good fruits

By Wilfred Golden

It has been discovered that through Reaching Every Child (REC) project which is being implemented by Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN), there is now tremendous progress in the work of increasing vaccine immunisation uptake among the under five children in the country.

Mother Care Groups (MCGs),in areas around Lilongwe district commended the project saying people are complementing what the project is targeting as mothers and guardians are now willingly taking their children to health facilities in large numbers and many are making sure that children are taking all necessary vaccines in time.

This was disclosed by Eliza Benjamin chairperson of Mtchitanjiru MCG at Senior Chief Chiwoza headquarters during refresher trainings which MHEN is conducting in Lilongwe concerning the project.

“At first situation was not impressive as mothers were not taking it serious when it comes to vaccinating children but when we started conducting door to door visits mothers and guardians are now able to understand importance of taking their children to health facilities for proper vaccination and the messages are now well received and am assuring you that we will reach out to the intended purpose of this project,” She said.

She added that the refresher trainings are timely as they have been well reminded their crucial roles and responsibilities as they voluntarily continue with the work.

She said:”For the new members in the groups they have been able to grab first hand information from the facilitators of the project.”

30 member MCGs were established in 2019 in districts which were not well complementing to vaccine immunisation uptake including Lilongwe district in order to senstize on vaccine uptake among under five children.

MHEN is conducting these refresher trainings with support from Global Alliance on Vaccination and Immunisation (GAVI) with technical support from ministry of health.