Mtambo on Tim’s 39- Happy birthday son of the soil CFT Commander in Chief

By Leonard Kavwenje, Lilongwe

On Sunday, 12th August, 1984, a miracle occured. That miracle was predestined birth of a baby boy who grew and developed as a mighty human rights defender and an examplary preacher of sane politics. A cultural idol! A traditional symbol! A political allegory!

It is evident that, Chabipilabatambo, his father and Nachizimu Nanyondo, his mother did not know that their boy would break traditional boundaries, national limits and fly globally with his unstoppable and unquenchable burning spirit and passion for a better society.

As a promised son, Mtambo really defied all odds and shone like an East Star.

What is special about Timothy Mtambo is that, as a young kid, he spent most of his early days with his grandfather. It is clear that Timothy, as he was christened, had such a rare advantage of becoming a great leader due to an early exposure to the roles of a leader.

Mtambo did his primary education in Zambia and Malawi. His father used to work as a copper mine supervisor in Luansha. He graduated with a degree in Arts and Humanities from the University of Malawi, Chancellor College (Chanco) in 2010.

Mtambo proved himself as a human rights advocate while at Chanco when he became a students unionist. This is self-told through the lens of his university actions. He was fighting for the academic rights of his fellows. He was seen as a Tennyson statue that symbolised human rights fireworks.

Mtambo’s real element was physically seen under electron microscope when he joined Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) as Programmes Manager. He formed part of the Great Triangle that was composed of Gift Trapence, Undule Mwakasungula and Timothy Mtambo. These were the men behind the 2011 advocacy and protests against bad governance and autocracy.

On April 1, 2012, Timothy wedded his long time lovebird, Sally Ngwira. A young beautiful flower of Rumphian flavor. They had been together in college. As Mtambo celebrates attainment of 39 years, the family is blessed with four children.

Mtambo on his journey, was just 28 when he rose to the helm of the CHRR and made all necessary voices. He was the only remaining microphone of Malawians at a time it was not fashionable to do so.

Mtambo attained the global limelight, when he fearlessly led Malawians to demand electoral justice and accountability in the post May 21, 2019 Presidential Elections havoc. He writes, “That was a revolutionary struggle.” The epic Malawian struggle saw the nullification of a fraudulent elections and the birth of the 3rd Republic.

At 36, Mtambo formed part of the Malawi Government as a cabinet minister.

A son of royalty in his area. The child of destiny born in between two worlds of chiefdoms, the Great Mwenichitipas and Great Mwaulambyas, Mtambo has nowhere to escape leadership.

A man of a Bangle and Royal Stick ! A man of positive influence. Here is your day!

Today as Mtambo celebrates his 39th anniversary, he writes in his diary “Adding a year to my life is Grace of God, the Almighty. I have a great role to perform before I fly with angels. We need to create a better society. This is only attainable if we grow.”

Happy Birthday Senior Comrade Timothy Pagonachi Simbega Mtambo, the President and Commander in Chief of the Citizens for Transformation (CFT)!