Mtambo starts work on healing the past-visits Masauko Chipembere family and Moto village in Mangochi

By Staff Reporter

In what has been described as government commitment in reinforcing peace and unity, Civic Education and National Minister Timothy Mtambo, has started taking necessary steps with the aim of healing the country of its past wounds. The Minister was in Mangochi on Tuesday where he held strategic meetings with all Senior Chiefs and Traditional Authorities from across Mangochi; the family members of the late Henry Masauko Chipembere and visited Moto Village.

Mtambo first stop was meeting chiefs from the district where they discussed issues of the past and other contemporary issues that have a critical bearing on the country’s found initiative of reinforcing peace and unity. The minister then took time to visit and meet family members of the Henry Masauko Chipembere. Chipembere was a cabinet minister who in 1964 amidst the cabinet crisis fell out with the then leader of Malawi Hastings Banda. He went into exile and  died in United States in 1975

Speaking of the visit Mtambo said  “Chipembere was one of the revolutionary nationalists who, in their young ages, pledged themselves to fight for an independent Malawi. He was part of the movement comprised of young and intelligent Patriotic citizens who came from all the different regions of our country. They never thrived on regionalism, a vice that has strangely visited our political field soon after self-rule. It is a vice that, under the new Malawi that we want, the administration of His Excellency Dr. Lazarus Chakwera is dedicated to root out”

Mtambo’s last stop  was  meeting the residents of Moto Village.  The village is known to  have suffered an atrocious ordeal when houses of the entire village were razed down with fire during the one-party era, with some residents including women detained.

 “The ordeal presents a sample of tragic wounds which need proper healing in order to move together as a united and peaceful people. It is pleasing to note that the people have welcomed the Government’s initiative of reaching out to them and reconcile a new chapter of peace, love, togetherness and unity. ” said Mtambo.

Mtambo in Mangochi

The villagers took opportunity to voice their concerns accusing the pitiful conduct of some politicians who come to them during each campaign period, just to remind them of what they had gone through, thereby denying their wounds a chance to heal. They highlighted that once voting finishes, the politicians never returned to them to deliver development. The state of affairs in this community it deplorable. The community lacks proper roads and other essential public facilities like clinics, school and potable water.  The Minister assured the residents of Moto village that the President of this country Dr Lazarus Chakwera, who sent him to visit them, is committed to draw a new chapter for their community.