Mtambo Urges Malawians to Rally Behind Chakwera

By Durell Namasani

Minister for National Unity, Timothy Mtambo, has appealed to all Malawians to rally behind President Chakwera regardless of differences in political affiliation; calling national unity as a primary catalyst for sustainable development.

Speaking to the press over the weekend Mtambo said: “It is very unreasonable to expect State President alone to develop the country. He added that Malawians must understand that any of Chakwera’s successes is the achievement of the entire country. He further added that this five year term is yet another vital opportunity for socio-economic growth in line with the Mw2063.

The Unity Minister further reiterated that gone are the days when citizens just sat and waited for the government to do something for them. “Let us all focus on developing Malawi instead of always attacking and criticizing the government,” he said.

Mtambo also took this opportunity to reprimand and remind power hungry politicians that this is not yet time for political campaigns, observing that some have already started rallies just to talk ill of others.

Mtambo said that one of the major factors for Malawi’s poverty and underdevelopment have been politics of envy, hatred and division. “I call upon all Malawians to demonstrate unity of purpose, love and peace,” Mtambo said.

Mtambo has urged the citizens to for once downplay politics of envy as this retards development and is against Malawian values. Mtambo said his Ministry has tirelessly advocated for enacting law on transformative national values which includes patriotism, integrity, hard work, transparency and accountability just to mention a few.

Mtambo further said that achieving development is not only governments role and that it starts with national unity and respect for national shared core values. “We now boast of the Peace and Unity Act, but this is not enough, it is just a blueprint; it will require concerted efforts from all quarters in the country.”

Mtambo added that his Ministry has established a vibrant district unity approach through the recently enacted Unity ACT. “We have established District Peace and Unity Committees in Karonga, Nkhata Bay, Kasungu, Salima, Mangochi and Mulanje,” said Mtambo. He said this conflict resolution mechanism has been tested and found to be working effectively in resolving conflicts such as the religious conflicts had erupted in Mangochi last year.