Mwenifumbo regrets joining UTM- feels had more chance to win as Aford or independent

By Investigative Reporter, Durrell Namasani

The UTM Candidate in the forthcoming Karonga Central by elections Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo is having second thoughts and regretting his move to UTM. Mwenifumbo, a controversial politician known for jumping from one party to the next, has confided to his close team that he is finding the current campaign the hardest and feels he could have done better as an independent candidate or as his former party, Aford Candidate.

According a member of inner Mwenefumbo campaign team who spoke to our reporter on condition of anonymity, said on a number of occasion the former legislator has questioned his move to UTM as the right one. Firstly , it is reported that Tumpale exaggerated UTM popularity in the constituency but is now finding out that the Party is not as big as he thought. Secondly Mwenefumbo also feels , him snatching the candidacy from Mary Nthakoma has brought bad karma on him as he is meeting a lot of animosity  and resistance as he travels through the constituency to campaign  “Things are not working for our boss, he is not getting enough support from UTM and things on the ground are hard . He is frustrated and I think he has already given up of winning” said Mwenefumbo Campaign team Member.

Lacking UTM support and finding campaigning hard : Frank Mwenifumbo

Mwenifumbo is a well known figure in the area and only lost with a few votes to the former legislator , the late Cornelius Mwalwanda, whose death earlier this year has triggered this byelection. Analysts have argued that Mwenifumbo might have miscalculated the whole thing  “I am not surprised that he is regretting his move to UTM, He miscalculated the whole thing thinking he will easily get the votes with UTM, they are a number of factors that are not working in his favour. Firstly he has built a reputation as a dirty politician and the architect of the area to be called “Benghazi”for its violent political clashes. Secondly Mwalwanda will benefit from sympathy vote as people in the area  want continuation of what Dr Cornelius was doing. Lastly , UTM as a party has failed to deliver a vibrant campaign strategy in the area, Mwenifumbo has been left to loom alone like a lost sheep. UTM Vice President Michael Usi and Secretary General Patricia Kaliati attempt to help  has failed to match up to the support Leonard Mwalwanda is getting from the likes of Timothy Mtambo, Richard Chimwendo Banda , Greene Mwamondwe and Madalitso Kazombo” said political analyst Timothy Phiri.

People of Karonga Central goes to the polls on November 10th. A quick opinion poll shows that MCP candidate Leonard Mwalwanda is the favourite candidate to win . He is commanding a lot of support in areas of trust and potential to deliver what he is promising the people in the area.