Mzati media centre empowers youths through various trainings

By Chisomo Phiri

In an effort to empower youths and make them economically independent , Mzati media centre, a branch of Mzati Television and Radio in Mulanje has organized several media related trainings to commence from January 10, 2022 to June 15, 2022.

The trainings will include, TV Production ( video shooting and editing), Radio Production, Graphic Designing, computer fundamental and drone lessons, among others.

Speaking in an interview, Public Relations Officer for Mzati Media Centre Mercy Madzi said the trainings will be offered to 50 youths from Mulanje district who upon completion will be awarded certificate of attendance.

She said the trainings will be very important to the participants as they will help the them attain skils and knowledge on things that will enable them earn a living on their own and live independent life.

” It is important for the one to attend these trainings as he/she will have wider knowledge and skills on TV production, Graphic designing, Radio Production which will enable them to earn money on their own and live independent life rather than relying on government for job offering. We want the youths to be independent, hence narrowing unemployment gab”, She said.

Madzi said after the trainings, the successful candidates will also have opportunities to get jobs at the institution.
” Upon, completion of the trainings, we will also offer job opportunities to successful and potential candidates here at the institution, so we urge them to participate,”said Madzi.

She said since the number of participants will be small due to COVID-19 restrictions, the participants will be required to pay a training fee of three hundred thousand Kwacha ( K300,000) each for the whole period of six months.
” Every participant will be required to pay a participation fee of three hundred kwacha. Had it been we have no issues of COVID-19 pandemic, the amount would have not been that too much, said Madzi.

She appreciated the government for always being in forefront when it comes to support youths saying what lacks is a collaborative effort in making ends meet.

” We appreciate the government for always being in forefront in times of supporting the youths, but still more, there is a lot to be done. There is a need of collaborating effort the gap in youth empowerment if we are to develop this nation,” she said.

She added that on top of trainings, the media centre will also have other activities aiming at protecting and conserving the environment such as tree planting initiatives and cleaning-up campaigns.

Mzati media centre is part of Mzati Television and Radio. Its mission is to empower youths economically through various trainings so as they live independent life.