New hit song by UK based Nic Thindwa applauds MCP,UTM alliance

By Durell Namasani

He is one of the popular Malawians artist in the diaspora who has never been afraid to express his political opinions through the art that he knows best. UK based Nic Thindwa has just announced the release of his latest single “Yalira Ng’oma” a song that is enjoying high downloads and has been the talk of the town with its timely theme of applauding the alliance that has just been agreed by Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and United Transformation Party (UTM)

This is not the first time that the rap/kwasa fused  singer has touched on political issues in his songs . He is well know  for the song” chakwera” which he originally sang to prop up campaign for Mike Bango, now member of parliament for  before releasing another version that focused on Dr Lazarus Chakwera campaign in the last election. The new song, however , sees Thindwa applauding MCP/UTM  alliance as the winning formula in the next presidential elections scheduled for May 19th.

Speaking to our reporter , Nic Thindwa said as an artist he is not afraid to make the public know which political spectrum  he belongs to “ I see the situation in Malawi, how poor people continues to struggle, the level of corruption by the ruling elite, Nepotism and lack of opportunity for the youths- these things makes me angry and i can only use the talent that i have to make my voice heard , said Thindwa. He also made it know that he is a member of the Malawi Congress Party diaspora Wing . “I have friends from all political parties  and that is why i am one of the people very excited to see Dr Chakwera and Dr Chilima going on the same ticket, the ticket that will save Malawi , added Thindwa

To spice up the release of the song , Thindwa  has made his song as an official artistic contribution by the MCP diaspora towards the campaign by Chakwera and Chilima. He is due  to release a video for it and will also perform at the forthcoming Tambala Night that is due to take place in the city of Derby on Saturday April 25 at Polish Centre in the city of Derby. Acknowledging Nic Thindwa good gesture , MCP Diaspora spokesperson  Chalo Mvula said the party welcomes Thindwas song to feature as part of the campaign. “Nic Thindwa is right in his song, the only way for Malawi to be saved is when people vote for Dr Lazarus Chakwera and together with our alliance partners UTM, PP,FP and afford ,we are ready to serve malawians for the better” said Mvula

The song Yalira Ng’oma  features Thindwas longtime artistic partner Pon G. The song can be downloaded from the download website