No case for the four over Kotana’s death

The High Court in Lilongwe has found four suspects -Ekari Daniella Chaweza, Gilbert Kalamiza, Timothy Mtilosanje and Diana Bhagwanji -who were being accused of murdering Kottana Chidyaonga, that they have no case to answer and the murder trial has collapsed.

Chidyaonga died in January this year and it was suspected that she died due to a snake bite’, while another school of thought alleged that she might have been murdered.

Boyfriend Timothy Mtilosanje and the late Kotana

Judge Thomson Ligowe says the court has found no substantial evidence from state to prove the case hence it has acquitted the suspects.

Initial statements from suspects showed that the 23 year-old girl from Lilongwe was bitten by a snake but an autopsy report by Pathologist Charles Dzamalala found that she died from poisoning.

Mtilonsanje was boyfriend to the late Chidyaonga, while Baghwanji was one of the close friends she was last seen with on that fateful day.