No suitable time to fight corruption than now- Sacrifice must be done to ring the bell

By Bantu Saunders Jumah

President of Malawi, Parliament, Judiciary and fellow citizens of Malawi!

There will never be a right time or the right person to arrest for this country to stop corruption. The best time is now.

Malawi has been crying, mourning and weeping not knowing who will stop corruption but the problem has been the government waiting for the “right time and right person to arrest”.

In other societies “juniors and commoners” have been sacrificial lambs the reason ‘corruption’ kept hiding it’s ugly head for ages.

Thanks to the British NCA for rescuing Malawi, without them the dragon could not be unveiled and captured.

The country must seize this opportunity for it will never come again to cut off the head of the dragon corruption that has almost blanketed the entire nation.

This clearly tell that all politicians and figureheads that have been “roaring all along as patriots and servant leaders” were crooks and zealots who took advantage of the ignorance of the country to pretend as God sent leaders.

The chance and opportunity for Malawi to fight corruption has singlehandedly shown itself, it is up to president Lazarus Chakwera, Parliament of Malawi, The Judiciary and all 21 million MALAWIANS to stand together in unity and sacrifice some of our own people to see to it that the “Vice” is stopped henceforth and now.

We are lucky that “big heads” have appeared to be the culprits the best time to cut the head of corruption.

Malawi has a choice to make, either we save, defend and protect the big heads or sacrifice them for the sake of the better future, it is up to us as nationalists.

Malawi must know saving the faces and heads of these crooks is betraying the prospect of the better future while sacrificing them will liberate a nation that could start seeing direction and envision a developmental future where each and every one of us will live to see the fruits of our taxes, development funds and aid.

President Chakwera, Speaker of Parliament, the Judiciary and mainly all of us (citizens) must stand strong to fight and stop corruption once for all.

Letting Vice President win this war where it is clear he solicited bribes from Zunith Sattar will be poisoning the political platform which is desperately looking for clean figureheads and true leaders.

By failing to fire Vice President or forcing him to resign will signal lack of leadership skills by president Chakwera.

Off course the constitution bars or stops the president from sacking his deputy but not on the “vice of corruption” that has devastated and killed thousands of citizens in poverty, lack of drugs in hospital and national development.

Even if we go on a referendum to choose whether Vice President must be fired, forced to resign or impeached the response will be overwhelmingly (YES).

By failing to fire, arrest and impeach Vice president and all that have been mentioned in Sattar gate mean this country has no leaders or government that stands for the people and country.

The “litmus test” rests on President Lazarus Chakwera to make ‘a hard and tough decision’ to side with the people not corrupt figureheads that do not love this country even though there are some citizens masquerading as patriotic citizens backing and defending the culprits.

Time of sacrifice is now. If it passes never shall this country face justice in its lifetime.

We appeal to the British government and its agency (NCA) to help Malawians shame all our leaders involved in this scandal by exposing them all without fear or favour so that Malawi can open our eyes not to trust and believe in lies of political colours and rhetoric of a brighter future when the future they are fighting for is a corrupt future of their own.

This statement is an appeal that citizens must rise up and demand justice.

If justice is not seen to take its course “Muvi Wa Chilungamo pressure group” will mobilize citizens across the globe for “mass action” till all involved are fired, arrested and impeached from public office.

58 years of poverty by office bearers is more devastating and painful for the already poorest country in the World.

We can’t stomach corruption by anyone no more.

This is a minute to end corruption and cut its head without looking at the face or name of the culprit.

**Views expressed are those of the Author
Commander In Chief of
MUVI WACHILUNGAMO pressure group (Spear of Truth in Malawi)”