Nsonda says Malawi could have been worse off if DPP was still in power

By Linda Kwanjana

Call it a brutal verdict. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) National Governing Council member Ken Nsonda said Malawi would have been worse-off if the series of peril that have befallen Malawi in the last three years were happening while DPP was still in power.

Speaking on Zodiak Exclusive interview, Nsonda said he considers a blessings in disguise that the successive global shocks such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ukraine war, Cyclone Freddy and the Cholera outbreaks happened when DPP was out of power because things could have been out of hand by now.

Ken Nsonda

He said: “I always tell people that the situation could have been worse if these natural disasters were happening when DPP was still in power. Ndipo a Mutharika sakanakwanitsa, akanakomoka,” said Nsonda

Nsonda said despite facing many set backs in the last three years, President Lazarus MacCarthy Ckawera has done a commendable job to steady the ship.

He said it is wrong to attribute problems Malawians are facing to President Chakwera. He said Chakwera assumed power when disasters were already weighing global economies down.

“It is not right to say that the problems we are facing in the country are caused by President Chakwera. The President has been a bit unfortunate in the last three years. These [Covid, Cholera, Cyclone Freddy] are natural disasters beyond his control and they could have happened anyway even if DPP was in power,” he said.

Nsonda’s comments are also a popular view among Malawians who think that Mutharika’s lack of leadership could have worsened the sufferings.