Prophet Mbewe won’t join in Alliance in 2025

By Durell Namasani

As 2025 Elections are fast approaching and the political parties gearing up, President of the Liberation for Economic Freedom (LEF) party, Prophet David Mbewe, says his party will not form any alliance with any other party ahead of the 2025 tripartite elections.

Prophet Mbewe says he foresees the party being victorious on its own, as 90 percent of Malawians who are behind the party are facing different social and economic challenges and want a change of government.

Prophet Mbewe

Speaking when his party was unveiling new members, including former People’s Party national campaign director Clement Bundaunda Phiri and other long-serving members from MCP and ADD, Mbewe said his party will soon hold a party convention where all positions, including the presidency, will be up for grabs.

The former PP national campaign director, Clement Bundaunda Phiri, says he has made the move as he sees Mbewe as a visionary leader who will save Malawians once he voted into power in 2025.