Rastas peaceful approach vital lesson to Malawi National unity efforts – Mtambo

The Minister of civic education and National unity Timothy Mtambo on Friday afternoon engaged with the Rastafarian community at their gathering site in Area 47 Lilongwe. He met them as part of his initiative of meeting community and religious leaders to set ground work  for  national unity efforts in the country  

The Rastas took time to tell the minister of their concerns and what they expected the new government to do for them. During the interface they complained of the problems with the education system as Rasta kids are still not allowed to attend school with dread locks.

The Rasta community also expressed their disappointment with government appointments so far as nobody from the Rasta community has been appointed “Government is not remembering us , none from our community has been given any  role , not even  as a board member on the  Cannabis board. Our religion is also not being fully recognized” highlighted Elder Galawanda ,one of the leaders of the community

Mtambo meeting Rastas in Lilongwe

On the Rasta religion, the group expressed their concern over the current composition  of the Public Affairs Committee which does not have a representative  of the Rastafarian community

The Minister in his speech thanked the Rastas  for their warm welcome. Mtambo said there are a lot of things that other Malawians can learn from the Rasta community  and one of those key things is the promotion of peace  “ Rastas are peaceful people, rarely do you hear a rasta fighting somebody . All they strive for is tolerance and promotion of peace , one love and unity , an important cataract in my ministry effort to  promote peace and unity in the country “. He then assured the community that the Tonse government is pushing for na open and inclusive government and that the concerns that thye have raised have been noted and government will work on them .