Refugee case worries Karonga District Residents

By Emmanuel Moyo

Barely months after Malawi Government ordered relocation of refugees to Dzaleka refugee camp, kids from Karonga Refugee Transit Camp have caused worry and panic to Karonga District residents as the former keep asking for money from residents around shops and offices.

Speaking in an interview, one of frequent market users Happy Mwalughali described the situation as worrisome saying these kids have a potential of causing danger in the near future.

He said: “Every time I visit this market I meet either 2 or more kids from the transit camp asking me for money and when I don’t give them they become aggressive and force me to give them, this is worrisome now.
“There is great need to a quick action to the situation because if left unhandled, these gives might become dangerous and thieves in the market place.”
Echoing Mwalughali, one of business ladies plying her trade in Karonga, Enala Munyenyembe said the kids are so disturbing at times as they never understand when someone says he does not have money.

Kids at BAJWA Superette waiting to ask for money

He said: “When these kids ask for money and you tell them you do not have, they keep asking for money as if they have seen it, we as vendors are worried because one day they might steal our goods because they are seen around the market even during old hours.”

One her part, Field Officer responsible for Karonga refugee transit camp, Musanje Ng’oma said his office has also noted the development with great concern and they are trying their best to engage relevant stakeholders in order bring sanity.
“It is indeed true that the kids from our camp are out in town disturbing people by begging money from them now and again, however our office has been in talks with the district’s social welfare department and the police to find proper ways of ending this malpractice.” He said.

Karonga district transit refugee camp serves refugees getting into the country through Songwe border and at the moment, there are 67 refugees seeking shelter.