Remembering the famous Malawi Public Figures that died in 2023- Rest in Peace

By Durrell Namasani

The new year is just around the corner and many people have different expectations of the forthcoming coming year.

As we celebrate the new year, let’s also have a moment of silence for the souls of different entertainers that 2023 has robbed from us.

Just like any other year, this year Malawi said goodbye to some of its faves.

1. Tremour

In July this year, the country lost one of its promising music stars Victor Mwangobola who was using the moniker ‘Tremour’ in music circles.

Tremour died on July 30, 2023 after being involved in road traffic accident.

Tremour was indeed heading towards becoming one of the biggest musicians in the country and he died at a time when he started receiving recognition by many Malawians.

Despite not being amongst us, Malawians are still enjoying some of his greatest hits like Mpanipani, Golide mu Moto and Mudzi.

2.Thomas Chibade

Thomas Chibade

2023 will also be remembered as the year the country lost one of its greatest musicians in the name of Thomas Chibade.

Chibade died on October 18 at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe following a liver problems.

The musician became a house hold name in the early 2000’s after the release of his hit songs ‘Ulova’, ‘Mau Anga’ and Freedom Fighter.

3. Atoht Manje

A Week before Chibade’s death, the country also lost one of the greatest music stars Atoht Manje popular for his M’bwiza and Maganje touch.

Born Elias Missi on September 1, 1989, Atoht Manje died in Rumphi soon after his performance at University of Livingstonia.

Few week before his death,Atoht Manje released ‘Nchape’, a song which is still enjoying massive airplay in different places across the country complementing the fact that the artist was not just an ordinary musician.

Apart from Nchape, some of Atoht Manje’s popular songs include; Che-Patuma,Majelasi, Unanditani, Munthu, Tizipepeseko, Huwa, Woyo-woyo, Ndalama and Mwana Phuliphuli.
Atoht will be mostly remembered for promoting culture through his music.

Just when everyone thought that this year’s December was going to be a better one as compared to the previous one, death reared it’s ugly head on our music seen again.

4.Jafali Thom

Jafali Thom

This time around, death robed us Jafali Thom, the band leader of a three-man band ‘Fikisa’ popular for their hit songs ‘Ademwiche’ popularly known as ‘Akamwire’, Walume Wawiwu, Nantchengwa and Loto La Farao.

Thom died on 18 December in Ntaja, Machinga district after suffering from Asthma and was laid to rest the following day at his home village, Nandumbo in Ulongwe, Balaka district.

5.Thlupego Chisiza


Death did not only hit the music industry in 2023. Theatre industry was also hit by a big tragedy following the death of a renowned actor, playwrighter, director and dancer Thlupego Chisiza in June.

Chisiza was the founder of Lions Theatre and later joined forces with his brother Tiwonge to form The Remnants Lions Theatre Company.

By the time of his death, Thlupego and his brother were on the verge of premiering a film titled Belinda.

6.Kumbukani Banya Lungu

Kumbukani Banya Lungu

The former defender for Nyasa Bullets football club Kumbukani Lungu died in July
Commonly known by his nickname “Banya” he was staying in South Africa where killed by unknown thugs.

7.John Zenasi Ungapake Tembo


Veteran politician and former Leader of Malawi Congress Party John Zenus Ungapake Tembo.
died at the age of 91 while receiving medical treatment at Lilongwe City Clinic in Lilongwe in September

8.Thuso Paipi

Thuso Paipo

Former Silver Strikers football star Thuso Paipi died in September

He died after short illness at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre.

9.Goodall Gondwe

Goodall Gondwe

Former Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe, who was also northern region Vice President for the former governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) died in August

Arguably the most successful Finance Minister Malawi ever had, Goddall was well respected across all sections of the political spectrum

10.Gogo Mlewa

Gogo Mlewa

Malawi is paying tribute to Gogo Mlewa, following the death of the veteran actress at the age of 90.

Gogo Mlewa, real-name, Leya Ketrina Aziyele Mlewa, died peacefully in Lilongwe after a long illness.

She became very famous in 2020, because of her trending comedy skits with her Nephew, Yona Kanga-Kantwera

11.Thandi Kasiya

Footballer Thandi Kasiya

Former Malawi National Women’s Football team and Nyasa Big Bullets Women FC player Thandi Kasiya died in March

She died at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre after a short illness.

12.Lemekeza Phiri

One of the country’s long- serving music producers and pianists Lemekeza Phiri died in February

He died in India where he went to seek medical help

13.McFarlane Mbewe

McFarlane Mbewe

Journalist MacFarlane Mbewe who Shot to the limelight with his “I love your earrings’ comment made to former Malawi Electoral Commission Chairlady Jane Ansah died in February

Mbewe died at Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHES) after collapsing while making a presentation in a suspected cardiac arrest

As we wind up the year 2023, we say farewell to all of these fallen stars and others we have lost this year.

We thank them for the positive impacts they’ve had on our lives and pray for their beautiful souls to continue resting in peace.