Ruth Msungambeu urges young entrepreneurs to embrace agri-business

By Chisomo Phiri

Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Horizon Ventures (HORVES) Limited, Ruth Msungambeu, has urged young people in the country to embrace entrepreneurship in Agri-business, emphasizing their vital role in shaping Malawi’s future.

Speaking at the Agri-business Ceremony at Lilongwe University of Agriculture & Natural Resources (LUANAR)-Natural Resources College (NRC) campus, Msungambeu stressed the need for young people to learn modern farming techniques, business management, and marketing to contribute to Malawi’s economic growth and food security.

Msungambeu highlighted Malawi’s potential as an agricultural powerhouse, with fertile land, abundant water, and a favorable climate.

She emphasized that agriculture goes beyond just growing crops, and encouraged establishing value chains, building industries, and driving economic growth.

Msungambeu also emphasized the importance of sustainability and market-driven innovations in Agri-business, highlighting practices like vertical farming, hydroponics, and organic farming.

She stressed resource efficiency and environmental stewardship, inspiring students to embrace sustainable Agri-business practices.

On his part, Aubrey Lumwila, an Agri-business student at LUANAR, appreciated Msungambeu’s insights and encouraged fellow students to balance school and business.

The event aimed to inspire young entrepreneurs to harness Agri-business for Malawi’s resilience in the face of climate change, aligning with Malawi Vision 2063.