Scottish nursery pupils leave festive messages for friends in Malawi

A group of nursery pupils have sent festive messages to their friends in Malawi during a visit to Ninewells Community Garden. Pupils from the Law Nursery in Dundee hung messages on the garden’s Christmas tree which will be shared with their school friends in two Malawi schools.

In May the children created their own vegetable garden, with help from some of the medical students from the University of Dundee and volunteers from the hospital’s garden.

Alison Gourlay, a third-year medical student at the university, said: “The Law Nursery children loved planting vegetables such as beans and maize in the spring and now that it’s winter they wanted to celebrate what is happening in the Malawi garden.

Some of the pupils from The Law Nursery School

“While the temperature in Scotland is generally coldest in December, with the average maximum around 5C, the children know from their friends in Blantyre in Malawi that the average temperature in December is much hotter at 24C.

“They were all excited about the prospect of snow and building a snowman. They have asked the Malawi children in their message if they have ever seen snow, and sang them ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’.

“We know from this lovely partnership that Malawi school children are very inquisitive and creative, and many questions may come back.”

John Joseph Pikadili, who volunteers at Ninewells Garden, said: “It is really important to celebrate the bond that exists between Scotland and Malawi.”

Global Citizens Tayside is the local network that provides connectivity to the work in developing countries.

Mary Colvin, who works for the initiative, praised the nursery’s pupils, the Malawi children, the medical students and the volunteers at Ninewells Community Garden for keeping the blossoming partnership alive.

She said: ““We are delighted to be supporting these children and young people who are so creative and imaginative as they build friendships with Malawi. Playing and learning in nature brings joy to children at this festive season.”

Original posting : Evening Telegraph