Security journalist says African countries need a stand despite economic hardships

By Vincent Gunde

A Malawian Security journalist Ephraim Mkali Banda has told a South African Television and Radio station in Johannesburg that African countries do not have a stand on their own and as a result they are abiding to western rulers who take advantage over their economic hardships.

Mkali Banda has observed that economic hardships of countries have made the western rulers to do whatever they can do on countries in Africa giving an example of Malawi where a worse situation has happened, Government sending 221 youths to work in farms in Israel.

He said President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera is under fire not for sending youth to work in farms in Israel but keeping secret of a labour export deal which will benefit both the individuals and the nation as this will boost foreign exchange.

Ephraim Mkali Banda-the issue should not be treated as a secret

Speaking in an interview with Salaamedia which has a larger outer coverage in South Africabroadcasting to its listeners on one nation FM, Mkali Banda said the issue of Malawian youths going to Israel came to light in the National Assembly by the Leader of Opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa.

Mkali said Nankhumwa informed the House that an aircraft was on its way from Tel Aviv coming to Malawi to pick 221 youth saying both Leader of the House Richard Chimwendo Banda and Speaker Catherine Gotani-Hara refused that it was not true.

He said a few hours later, the plane landed at the Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Lilongwe forcing Government to release a statement that it has embarked on labour export to countries including Israel a development which the same government vehemently denied.

The Security Officer said it is not something new that the Government of Malawi has been sending youth to Israel claiming that others, are in Oman, India and Nigeria but this time around, Government thought of not publicizing that an aircraft is coming and the recruitment processes.

He said the Government of Malawi was fully aware that there is war in Israel claiming that even parents and guardians cannot send their children to countries where there is war describing this as reckless, arguing that Government could have thought it wise not to send the youth to Israel.

Mkali Banda noted with a great concern that while countries are evacuating their citizens working in farms in Israel, timing to send the youth to Israel has not come at the right time saying Government could have waited until the war is over.

“There working in Israel can in no way boost foreign exchange because the country is just importing and importing without exporting,” he said.

He said Malawians should know that their brothers and sisters have gone to a place where security is not good suspecting greedy leadership for individuals in government as the ones benefiting through a done secret deal of labour exportation to Israel.