St Leonard Kamungu parish visits consulate of Malawi in Tete

By Chisomo Phiri

A delegation from St Leonard Kamungu Parish of the Southern Lake Malawi Diocese from September 8 to September 11, 2023 visited Consulate of Malawi in Tete to explore the possibility of striking a relationship between the Igleja Anglicana Epifania Parish in Tete, Mozambique and their parish.

The delegation was led by the Parish Priest Reverend Father Andrew Manda and one member of the Mens guild, Avuwi and four members of the Womens Guild of the Daughters of the King.

The delegation’ first point of call was the Consulate of Malawi in Tete for a courtesy call with the Consul General Happy Saka.

In his welcome remarks,Saka commended the route followed by the Church and encouraged them to explore more ways of assisting their Governments in the development process, be it in the educational, health or business sector just to mention a few.

“As the Epifania Parish was recently elevated to a Cathedral, the possible relationship would also be extended to the dioceses of Southern Malawi and that of Tete/Libombo and their respective Bishops,”said Saka.

He committed the Consulate to support the agenda that the Anglican Church might want to pursue in this process.

The Consul General then substantiated the commitment by hosting the delegations meeting with the Bishop of Tete Libombo at the Malawi Official Residence and later, participating in the Sunday Prayers.

Tete /Libombo Diocese was represented by the Lord Bishop Bambo, the Venerated Father Bukutu as well as Mrs Agnes Sande, the Catechist and President of Mothers Union.

Sunday service was concluded by meetings of the Women folk with Members of the Daughters of the King who shared their line of work in Church as consisting of three pillars namely Prayer, Service and Evangelism.

This was well received and being digested by women who might want to join and be the pioneers as the Guild has not yet reached Tete Province.

The men in the Church also had the occassion to exchange with the representative of Avuwi.

Early this year, the consulate also received a delegation of church members from Kaning’a CCAP (Nkhoma Synod) and the members of Living Waters Church.

Kaning’a CCAP recently managed to strike a deal with Tete CCAP Church and are in a good working relationship as partners.

The Anglican delegation is the third church group to be hosted by Consul General Happy Saka in the one year period that he has been in post.