Thyolo District Council elects new Chairperson

Written by  Tikondane Vega

Thyolo District Council has elected Khonjeni-Ward Councilor, Sandram Maulana as its chairperson effective June 29, 2020 replacing George Jailosi, Councilor for Mangunda Ward whose tenure expired last week.

The council has also elected new vice chairperson by the name Owen Makonde who is Councilor for Masenjere Ward in Thyolo West replacing Councilor Maggie Kambewa of Mapanga Ward in Thekerani whose tenure also expired.

The two were elected during an emergency Full Council meeting the district conducted on Monday.

In his acceptance speech, Maulana expressed gratitude to council members for having trust in him, saying he would work according to the laws of Malawi and ensure that the council is complementing government agenda.

“I know this is a huge task I am taking today but I cannot work in isolation; let us all work jointly to fulfill the vision of Thyolo district and that of government so that we can put our district on the map,” said Maulana.

Earlier, the outgoing chairperson, Jailosi, commended his fellow councilors and Thyolo as a district, for entrusting him with chairperson-related work for the past one year, saying he has done his part and wished the new office bearers good work.

Jailosi said he is leaving the chairmanship position a happy person because he believes he has fulfilled what he could have done.

He said: “I have decided not to seek second term but instead pave way for others to show their capabilities too. Sometimes we need to learn from others in different capacities.”

District Commissioner for Thyolo, Justin Kathumba urged the new leaders to support the government of the day saying the old has gone and the district needs to put its focus on the affairs of the new administration.

Kathumba said he will not tolerate anyone who would still want to live in the past as doing so would lead to sabotage of government business.

“You have been elected today to serve the new administration. As civil servants we support the government of the day and no discussion on this.

“Your colleaques whose tenure has just expired did their work and it is now your turn and our vision can only be fulfilled if we support the government of the day,” said Kathumba.