Timothy Mtambo invades Karonga Central as Mwalwanda’s popularity continues to increase

The Commander in chief of Citizens for Transformation Movement (CFT) Timothy Mtambo on Saturday invaded Karonga central constituency to drum up support for MCP candidate Leonard Mwalwanda.   Arriving at Lughali Mtambo was accorded warm welcome with people chanting his name amidst dancing and ululations. Karonga central is due to have parliamentary by elections after the death of former legislator Dr Cornelius Mwalwanda.

Karonga Central, popularly known as Benghazi has become a battleground for political strategies as MCP candidate Leonard Mwalwanda is scheduled to go head to head with UTM candidate and former legislator of the area Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo.

Mtambo at Lughali in Karonga Central

At the rally held at Lughali Mtambo, whose CFT movement recently officially announced that it will support the candidacy of Mwalwanda said time has come for people of Karonga Central to wake up and focus on the development of the area. He said MCP candidate Leonard will be a continuation of the good works that the late Dr Cornelius was doing. Mtambo also took time to urge the people in the area to resist from political violence and not fall for politicians who promotes violence “Politics is now war or Violence , politics is development,  so  don’t fall prey to politicians who promote violence” urged Mtambo.

On the MCP Candidate Leonard Mwalwanda, Mtambo said the area needs a member of parliament  who is development conscious , with great vision and someone who shares  the values of President Chakwera. “if the people of this area need development, water in the area, jobs for young people then your future is in the hands of Mwalwanda”. Also, in attendance at the rally was Aford executive member Greene Lulilo Mwamondwe ,

Political experts have described Mwalwanda as the likely candidate to win as his popularity continues to increase “Mwalwanda is benefiting from the good works that the late Dr Cornelius Mwalwanda did, it’s not sympathy vote but the people want to honour him and haven’t forgotten what he did in the area. This is an MCP constituency, and with the presence of people like Timothy Mtambo, endorsing and Campaigning for Leonard, it will be hard for UTM candidate Mwenefumbo to carry the day “said Manchester based Political Scientist Allan Mandindi.