Uladi Mussa applauds Chakwera for working hard to deliver development

Firebrand politician Uladi Mussa  has Urged Nkhata-Bay Residents to Support President Lazarus Chakwera for Development,who he described as the President that is working so hard to deliver development to Malawians

Addressing the crowd at Chilundu Ground on April 7th, Uladi Mussa encouraged the people of Nkhata-Bay to maintain their support for President Lazarus Chakwera, emphasizing that the increasing number of defections to MCP signals widespread support for the President and his agenda for meaningful development across the country.

Uladi Mussa in Nkhatabay

Also Speaking during the rally, the Director of Strategic Planning, Ken Zikhale Ng’oma urged the people of Nkhata-Bay to support the agenda of President Lazarus Chakwera for the district to benefit more developments, saying President Chakwera recognizes the district as home of Malawi Congress Party.

“President Lazarus Chakwera recognizes this district as the home of MCP, and we need to give him all the needed support.

I am happy that people of this district have now realized that Malawi Congress is the only party to bring development” Said Zikhale Ng’oma who is also Minister of Homeland.

Speaking earlier, Deputy Secretary General for MCP, Catherine Gotani Hara said at the heart of MCP members is to see Chakwera winning 2025 Presidential elections.

“I know that Nkhata-Bay will give support to President Lazarus Chakwera ahead of 2025 elections with the developments he has initiated in this district including the water project” Said Hara who is also Speaker of the National Assembly.

During the rally, Ephraim Mganda Chiumia and Ralph Mhone led a group who defected to MCP in being welcomed into the party.