Victoriuos Vuwa Kaunda decries wasted time

Minister of Housing and Urban Development Symon Vuwa Kaunda Monday bemoaned that he lost precious time defending his 21 May, 2019 parliamentary election victory which Peoples Party’s (PP) candidate Ralph Mhone contested in court.

Kaunda said since  Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) declared him winner for Nkhata Bay Central Constituency, he has spent almost four months in and out of the Mzuzu High Court defending his seat from his challenger.

Victory for Simon Vuwa Kaunda

Speaking after High Court Judge Thomson Ligowe sustained him as the legitimate winner in the polls, Kaunda said he has been failing to attend to crucial cabinet and parliamentary meetings because of the court case.

“I am happy that finally the truth has come out clearly now. I hope that it is now time for me to seriously go down into business of developing both my constituency as well as my country.

“I have been failing to concentrate on these because of this court case,” Kaunda said.

The minister said, for instance, currently, parliament is in session in Lilongwe but he has been failing to attend adequately because he was required to defend himself in court.

“I just thank God that today this case has ended and my conscience has been made clear now.
“It is now just time for me as well as the other party to work together in initiating development in the constituency,” he said.

Kaunda expressed hope that Mhone’s side will accept that they lost and focus on work to develop the constituency.

“It was good that Honourable Mhone shook my hand and congratulated me after the judge pronounced his judgment.
“To me, this meant a new era for both of us and I am made to believe he did that in good faith,” Kaunda said.

However, Kaunda expressed concern over losing candidates’ tendency to rush to courts even when they know that they really did not do well in the elections.

“This is bad. And I need to stress that, in my case, this has been happening each time I am declared winner in the constituency.
“People deliberately choose not to accept the poll results, which derails development,” Kaunda said.

Mhone refused to give any media interview on the outcome of the case

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