Zikhale embarks on “Operation Development” as he lines up projects for Nkhata Bay South Constituency

By Chalo Mvula

The Director General of Malawi Congress Party Ken Zikhale Ng’oma , who is also a member of parliament for Nkhatabay South is leaving no stone unturned as he focuses on bringing development to the district and the constituency.

Announcing a blue print of his development initiatives which have already hit the ground, the legislator said all he wanted was to make a difference to the people of Nkhata Bay South. “ The people in my constituency have lacked development for a long time, I want to take this opportunity as their member of parliament to make a difference  and so far we are on the right track “ said Zikhale. 

Please be informed of our development  project’s we have so far managed to embark on  in Nkhatabay South since I was sworn in as a Member of Parliament.

Among the projects Zikhale said Government has  since approved two government secondary schools which will be constructed in the  constituency. One will be built in Makumbu and the other one at Kande. Cites have already been allocated. He vowed to follow up on this until the government fulfills its promise.

Nkhatabay South Legislator Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma

Zikhale who once described the lack of basic needs like clean water and electricity as a sad situation for Nkahatabay , a district that has produced a number of great sons of Malawi like Orton Chirwa and Kanyama Chiume , announced that Escom in Mzuzu has agreed to provide rural electrification  in places like Makumbu, Chifira, Litende, Kawiya, Mfundi and poles have been already been put as the start of the project. 

Northern Region Water Board has maintained an agreement to provide the constituency trading centers with portable water. So far documentation has been registered at Parliament for funding 

Survey by the board was duly conducted and first phase will be from Kapesya to Kachere and the second phase will be from Tukombo to Mfundi. Other pipe water projects  have been approved by the District Commissioners office and surveys are due to take place in Chifira , Nyachirwa and Kande. Other areas like Tukombo and kalowa are also in line for the next phase of the pipe water project.

Recently Zikhale visited a number of hospitals as part of new year celebrations. During this time Zikhale had opportunity to see the conditions of hospitals in the area which need alot of development . So far the member of parliament has lined up clinic construction in Kalowa and Chifira .Mughogho clinic is almost complete with  Iron sheets remaining to complete the project.The MP has already brought an Ambulance which is used in the area.

Zikhale expressed how happy he is with  the projects that are taking place in the area. “ We are serious with what we are doing  and the people in the area knows that if we are to develop then all of us have to work hard. We will be utilising funds from the Community development fund , but personally i have also  injected it my own money to help the constituecny” He went on to add some more projects that area taking place in the area like; the  

solar system project in Kawiya to pull water for drinking , maize mills for the area , borehole and toilet projects at Tukombo, Construction of Mazembe Children’s care, Building of school blocks  at Kajitira primary School

Zikhale says he aims at being transparent so that people in the area can see the use of all the money they get as part of CDF . he said he will not tolerate misuse of money or materials  and that he will strive for normal procedures to be followed.CDF is for developmental purposes propelled by an MP of that area and not to swindle money for person gains

“This I can assure you my community that as look as I serve under  the leadership of MCP and Dr Lazarus Chakwera such malpractices will not happen and over my dead body” said Zikhale