Activist Ben Longwe praises Chakwera for rebuffing the Americans

By Vincent Gunde

A human rights activist based in South Africa Charles Ben Longwe, has praised President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera for making his intelligent decision rebuffing the US Government that Malawi is a standalone country.

Ben Longwe said many Malawians have castigated and insulted President Chakwera that he has been getting orders from the American government to punish and chain Malawians with loans from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) resulting into the devaluation of the Malawian Kwacha time and again since 2020


He said President Chakwera is the state president of Malawi and not for America saying as a result, he has to make decisions for Malawi and his people saying he doesn’t find anything wrong in President Chakwera rebuffing the American government.

Speaking through an audio clip claiming to be in Malawi, Ben Longwe said Malawians have gone through pain and sufferings but the American government did nothing reminding Malawians that everything that comes from America is not for free.

Ben Longwe said the World Bank and IMF provide loans to Malawi but these loans are not for free claiming that they take Malawians as slaves charging huge interests chaining Malawi for it to continue singing songs of praise and worshipping them.

He said each and every time, the American government recognize Malawi as a poor country but has provided no free donation claiming that if there are free donations coming to Malawi such as fertilizer, is from Russia.

The activist said Russia is the biggest ally that Malawi must praise them for being a friend in need not the American government which only recognize Malawi as a poor country without giving it free donations.

“Why the American people wants Malawians to bow down at them out of doing nothing to them and what they know is sanctions,” said Longwe.

He said the United States of America (USA) entirely depends on Africa for its source of wealth observing that in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) there is war which is failing to come to an end because the Americans are there robing Congo in a daylight robbery.

Ben Longwe said if America is surviving is because of Africa and by the time Africa becomes one country with one Army, Police, currency, America will finish and will no longer be regarded as one of the super power countries of the world.